Choosing The Perfect Duvet Inner

There are very few things that are better than falling into bed after a long day at the office – an essential part of this, is the quality of your linen and duvet inner.

There are a handful of factors to take into consideration before deciding.  These include the type of duvet inner natural or synthetic, winter or summer.

Choose Your Filling

Here you have two choices – Natural or Synthetic.

Natural fillings are those which are sourced from nature, examples include down and feathers. These fillings have a much longer lifespan than synthetic fillings. Naturally filled duvets are often considered more luxurious, in part because of their ability to regulate temperature; breathability and easy-care instructions.

Synthetic fillings – more commonly known as down alternatives are fillings that have not been sourced from nature. These fillings have been designed to mimic the qualities of natural fillings, including its soft and lightweight feel.  Good quality synthetic fillings can regulate your body’s temperature to a certain degree – although not as well as a natural filling.

Tog ratings (Winter or Summer Duvets)

Duvets are rated in terms of their warmth – this is referred to as a tog. A duvet’s tog varies from ultra-light 1.5 – 3 tog to ultra-warm (ideal for winter). It is important to keep the desired warmth (tog) in mind when choosing your new duvet inner.

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