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Duvet Inners - Fine Fibre R 880.00R 1,710.00

Premium Fine Fibre Duvet Inners – Tog Rating 13

The Fine Fibre Duvet Inner is the ideal alternative to down & feather duvet inners, these duvets are light weight but still provide you with the warmth you desire. The quilting of these duvets ensure that the filling does not move around while you sleep and the 100% cotton down proof casing cannot be penetrated by dust mites makes this duvet perfect for dust mite allergy suffers.

• Down Alternative
• Made using ethically sourced raw materials
• Anti-Allergenic Products
• Safe for dust mite allergy suffers

Duvet Inners - Premium Down (Made to Order) R 1,390.00R 4,580.00

Premium Hungarian Goose Down Inners

Hungary is renowned for its quality down. Geese from this region grow large down clusters due to the extreme temperatures during winter. These handmade Hungarian Goose Down duvets are light, fluffy and warm as they have excellent insulting properties. These products comply with the European Down & Feather Association (EDFA) standards and carry a ESRM mark which assures customers the materials were sourced using ethical practices. All fillings are anti-allergenic and where applicable fully traceable and washable.
These Duvets are available in different weights: summer, winter and autumn (recommended for our South African Climate).